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How to earn money on internett

Google Adsense

Relevant ads on your web pages

av Jan Einar Visnes Print  
18. okt 2005 20:46

The internett search engine Google deliver ads that you can place on your web page. Google Adsense is a service from Google making it easy for you to show ads on your home page.

The ads are related to the content on the web page where they shows up. In this way the possibility that your visitors may click on the ads will increase, and you wil earn money on this action.

My personal experiense is that the ads shown in my pages hits medium good. The reason I guess is that my pages is mainly in norwegian and there is less money in the subject related to christianity, religion and church-development.

What is CPC

Normally the ads that are shown in your web page is a CPC ads - meaning cost-per-click. With this type of ads the advertiser will pay only when someone clicks on the ads shown on your page.

What is CPM

The other type of ads is tha CPM meaning cost-per-1000-impressions. This time the advertiser wil pay to view the ads on your web page.

How much can I earn?

It is impossible to forecast how much you will earn on the ads. It will vary with numbers of visitors, the subject discussed on the web page, how many advertisers there are related to your subject, and what interests your visitors.

Use this button to register your domain and get an account at Google, and begin to earn money on your web pages...

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