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En introduksjon til profetskole

Anbefalte bøker om den profetisk tjeneste og profetisk nådegave: Hva er en profetskole? Er Profetskole bibelsk riktig? Hva lærer man der? Finnes det ulike typer profeter? Hvordan fungerer jeg i den profetiske gaven? Hva er forskjell på profetisk gave og en profet? Hvis jeg har profetisk gave og er kalt til å bli profet, hva gjør jeg da?


Renewal Magasin

Aktuelt - Kirke og Samfunn: The Renewal Journal covers renewal, transformation, charismatic ministry, and Pentecostal news, including revival, church growth, Christian community, healing, signs and wonders, worship, blessing, awakening, mission, evangelism, discipleship, harvest, ministry, anointing, wineskins, vision, unity, and servant leadership.

28. mar 2007 01:02

A short presentation of my self...

English: I am 34 years of age and have study computer scinence at engineering high school at Gjøvik (1991-1994) in Norway. Since I graduated I have worked different places within consultant angencies with different tasks related to computers.

14. nov 2004 00:36

Statement of Faith

English: I believe in God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit as they reveal themselves in the evangelical faith.

08. des 2005 21:02

MS Access Database Consultant

English: My main compentance is developing MS Access database systems. Development (design) and programming (Visual Basic) in Access have I done since 1995.

14. nov 2004 18:36

Church development

English: As member in Storsalen Comunity I am very interesting in the subject church development. This is an interest I have developed in Storsalen. This church has grown from som few hundred members to about 1700 mebers in 10 years, from one service to 4 services each Sunday.

14. nov 2004 00:43

Why build your church for growth?

English: The process of building churches can in many ways be compared to the process of building houses. We are living building material that are to be placed in the right place, in the right timing, with the right purpose and right motives. We are to funtioning together to become a living temple for our God. And we are goin to have a closer look at 3 things that is distinctive stamps on building places.

20. mai 2005 21:40

Gods vision for the Kingdom of God

English: It is important to grab Gods vision for what a church and a comunity is. Bacause it is God himself that should build His church, and we are his friends. We should not build His Church. But God wants to reveal how He wants His church.

07. aug 2005 22:46

Google Adsense

English: The internett search engine Google deliver ads that you can place on your web page. Google Adsense is a service from Google making it easy for you to show ads on your home page.

18. okt 2005 20:46

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Jan Einar Visnes