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Church development

av Jan Einar Visnes Print  
14. nov 2004 00:43

As member in Storsalen Comunity I am very interesting in the subject church development. This is an interest I have developed in Storsalen. This church has grown from som few hundred members to about 1700 mebers in 10 years, from one service to 4 services each Sunday.

But why is it only some few churches that grows? And why do they grow? And what are needed to get the other churches to grow? Is it the local leaders that is the hinderance, or is it the way we think building churches that is the key? Or is it the good relationship with God that is missing?

The subject of church development is a very big and extensive to understand. Very much litarature is written about this subject the latest years, and much more will be written the next years. And it is become trendy to talk about church development. There are also doing research in relation to this subject. All with the purpose (hopefully) to contribute som the churches and the leadership can recive a deeper insight how to use their resources right. But in the same time, this is not a formula, nor a hokus pokus. Everything is dependent upon a close relationship and cooperation with Him that is the Head of the Church - Jesus Christ.

My vision with these internet pages, is to break down this big subject into lower subjects and try to describe them.

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