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Church development

Why build your church for growth?

av Jan Einar Visnes Print  
20. mai 2005 21:40

The process of building churches can in many ways be compared to the process of building houses. We are living building material that are to be placed in the right place, in the right timing, with the right purpose and right motives. We are to funtioning together to become a living temple for our God. And we are goin to have a closer look at 3 things that is distinctive stamps on building places.

I have been pleased to be on building places where several different handicrafts works together for a common purpose - to complete the building process so the building is just what the arcitect want it to be. My father is a painter, and I has assisted him in different building projects.

It is seemingly a chaos

When we enter a house building place, there are materials all over the place. One place there is a stack of roof plates, in a corner there is a pile of painting pail, other places there is wood beams, and spool of electrical wires. Everything is there ready to be used for those that are goint to put in it its propper place. In the same way we are living stones that are going to be put into the right positions in the Kingdom of God to serve the purpose God has shaped us to be. We will flourish best in the service when we are in the right place with the right mtives with the equipments God has given us.

Continously changes

As long as there are workers that are doing their job, there will also be continously changes. Things will be done in a sertain order until all tings are done. A building place that are not characterized by changes, are rather a building place, but chaos and put down. Since we are living stones in the Gods temple, we will also be in a continously changes. We mature and developes our skills and understanings of what Kingdom of God really is. Therefor we also need continously changes to flurish and prospere.

Different profesions works together for the common goal

In a buildingplace there will be different professions that are doing different ting related to their skills. Some are carpenters and is setting up the walls. Some are electricians and mounting wires and connecting the lights. Others are painters that are givving colours to the walls and floors. And everyone are doing their pars every places in the house. It is not done that each profession to everything one place in the house, the electricians do not do everything in the livingroom, and the painters the everything in the basement. No, every professions do their part in every room. In the same way are we given different spiritual gifts, and we have different skills, and we have different ministries in the Kingdom of God. We have all different calling upon our lives, but we have nevertheless a corporate higher goals and visions. By this reason it is important to recognize the different ministerial gifts (eph 4.11) - or the spiritual professions - in the Kingdom of God. We want the Kingdom of God on earth to become what our King of Kings - Christ Jesus - wants it to be.

A functional House

Try to understand the expression: "A functional house". How can a house be called a functional house when it is by itself death? When the building of the house is completed, the walls are not going to be moves around, and the rooms are not going to be changed. In a functional house the walls are placed in their propper positions, the rooms are sized in relation to the needs etc. The interior are placed so those that lives there easily can find themselves comfortable there. In the same way the Kingdom of God are to satisfy God himself, and in the same time it should also satisfy our need for sosial relationship with both God and men.

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