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Gods vision for the Kingdom of God

av Jan Einar Visnes Print  
07. aug 2005 22:46

It is important to grab Gods vision for what a church and a comunity is. Bacause it is God himself that should build His church, and we are his friends. We should not build His Church. But God wants to reveal how He wants His church.

The common vision

We can find the common vision God has for His Church in the Word of the Lord, the Logos. This is the outer frame for how every church should be. This is valid for all churches and comunities, every places, in all ages. This is the superior vision. But all churches should not be equal in all details.

the spesific vision

God has given different visions for different churches. And this spesific vision is unique for every single church. And God wants to reveal this spesific vision through His word, rhema / the profetic word. This spesific vision for each churches will always be submitted to the general vision for the Church.

Reveals through the profets

We need the profetic ministry in the comunity to be able to receive the spesific word to all individuals and every churches. God speaks to the profets for give directions and progressions, and to give the vision to the People of God. Without the profetic ministry the people will easier go astray, they wants to build the church out of their own visions, and wants to do tings in their own way. But when God speaks to His people, it gives them a new directions and progressions so things are getting in propper order the way God wants it.

Prophets and teachers

When prophets and theachers stands together to equip the people of God, it are done a lot more efficience. The teachers equips people with how tings should be done, while the prophets equip people with what are needed to be done. This creats a new types of dunamics in the churches that develops the whole Church.

When the teachers stand alone equiping the saints, theey are creating a very well funded church that does the work of the ministry out of traditions and rites, and the church is managed in a maintenece-mode.

When the prophets are getting visible in the church, they are going to challenge the established patterns and tradisions by comunicating the visions of a better future. The wil comunicate ideas that will develop the church and make room for a greater work that brings the comunity into new dimensions of the fullness of the Lord.

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