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MS Access Database Consultant

av Jan Einar Visnes Print  
14. nov 2004 18:36

My main compentance is developing MS Access database systems. Development (design) and programming (Visual Basic) in Access have I done since 1995.

When developing and designing I prioritice that the application are going to be as easy to use as possible. By developing automated processes and easy available info-search, the users can experience a improved efficiense in the daily use. When the application is intuitive, the user can put their focus on the their task rather their computer-based tool.

Also visit my professional website: MS Access database consultant Jan Einar Visnes

SQL servers

I have worked with several types of SQL servers, as MS SQL server, IBM DB/2, PostgreSQL.

The difference between MS Access as SQL server is that the SQL server only is a server application and are not intended to be use directly by the user. MS Acces is made both to handle forms and user inputs, and to store this data to its own file. This is both a 'front-end' and a 'back-end' database. A SQL server is only a 'back-end' database. This means that MS Access also can use a SQL server as a backend database to store its data. This is many times a improvement when there is many users on the same database.

MS Office

MS Word and Excel can also use a database to view data that is stored in a database, change and add data to the database, but this require som Visual Basic programming.

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