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Statement of Faith

av Jan Einar Visnes Print  
08. des 2005 21:02

  1. I believe in God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit as they reveal themselves in the evangelical faith.
  2. I believe in Jesus Christ and everything he said and his acts, as it is written in the Christian Bible, and take consequences of this by submitting myself to Jesus Christ and his perfect purpose.
  3. I believe that every human being is sinners by nature and are rejected from the presence of God.
  4. I believe the Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world, by taking all our condemnations on himself, carried our sin upon the cross and become sin to us, so we could be made Gods righteousness, become reconciliated with our creator and made free from the power of sin.
  5. I believe that Jesus Christ stood up from the death at the third day, and by this overcome the power of death, is alive to day, and has received all power in heaven and earth.
  6. I believe that human beings immediate are saved by the grace of God, by acknowledge Jesus Christ and His crucifixion as a atonement for our sin one time for all, and put our trust in His power and authority.
  7. I believe that the greatest enemy of God is Satan, also called, the Devil, Lucifer and the fallen angel, and that he has been judged and condemned, has lost his ability to regret, repent or by any means get the grace of God back. He is fully submitted to the almighty Jesus Christ, and must obey any commandments from the mount of Jesus and from those that have received authority from Jesus Christ.
  8. I believe that the angels are given to us to help and protection in the battle with the evil.
  9. I believe that Jesus Christ wants to give His Holy Spirit to all who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
  10. I believe that the Holy Spirit gives His giftings to humans by grace and not by works, results or maturity.
  11. I believe that the spiritual gifts are given to individual to be used to ministry to each other, the local church and the Kingdom of God.
  12. I believe in the Church as both the Body of Christ and His Bride. We are called to be the salt of the earth to conserve our community in a time with spiritual, moral and social corruption.
  13. I believe in building churches for the tomorrow humans, not building out of yesterdays traditions.
  14. I believe that Jesus welcomes everybody into the Christian fellowship, but not all are called (or suitable) to become leaders of the fellowships or communities.
  15. I believe that the Christian Fellowship is more theocratic than democratic, but has some elements of democracy.
  16. I believe that Jesus Christ are calling and, when time is there, commissioning humans into government ministry to serve and equip the people of God, as described in Paul’s letter to Ephesians’ 4:11-16.
  17. I believe that Jesus Christ will come back to give anyone back for his works, and bring the righteous home to His perfect and eternal Kingdom.
  18. I believe that the bible is written by humans who was inspired by God, that the bible has become exactly like God wanted it to be.
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